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  • 1.  AI and MultiValue Discussion

    Posted 02-15-2024 17:31

    As Rocket's MV evangelist, I'm starting a discussion. What are you thinking or doing with AI around your MV app?

    Mike Rajkowski
    MultiValue Product Evangelist
    Rocket Internal - All Brands

  • 2.  RE: AI and MultiValue Discussion

    Posted 14 days ago

    Simplest , Build a chat interface to build queries for tcl.  Example find all orders  for loyalty members  customers  who have shopped  in last 30 days with gift cards purchased  in the last 90 days . Currently this requires creating  creating  multiple save lists to get the data . 
    In this example we have 3  datasets . Transaction   history  .  Gift card , loyalty customers .  I  eventually gave up exported all  dataset in excel  and did lookups . Would have been faster if I could have generated all the tv queries to save list and use them up filter data  via gpt style ai chat bot 

    Atul kakade
    Tailored Shared Services LLC
    Sugarland TX