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Alert for Rocket SB/XA and Rocket U2 Web DE customers upgrading to Rocket UniVerse 11.4.1

  • 1.  Alert for Rocket SB/XA and Rocket U2 Web DE customers upgrading to Rocket UniVerse 11.4.1

    Posted 10-23-2023 13:52
    Edited by Christine Rizza 10-23-2023 14:35

    If you are considering upgrading to Rocket® UniVerse 11.4.1 and use either Rocket SB/XA (all releases) or Rocket U2 Web DE 5.3.0 or below, you need to plan your upgrade to avoid disruption to your System Builder and Web DE applications.

    Rocket UniVerse 11.4.1 includes OpenSSL 3.0. With the upgrade of OpenSSL, we also disabled unsafe encryption algorithms including:
    •    Hashing Algorithms / Message Digests: MD2, MD4, MDC2, WHIRLPOOL, RIPEMD160
    •    Symmetric Ciphers: Blowfish, CAST, DES (DES_ECB, DES_CBC, DES_OFB, DES_CFB, DES_CFB1, DES_CFB8 and DESX_CBC), IDEA, RC2, RC4, SEED
    •    Key Derivation Function (KDF): PBKDF1

    Both SB/XA and U2 Web DE 5.3.0 (and earlier) rely on disabled encryption algorithms and won’t work unless you reenable them.

    For SB/XA your options are:
    •    Enable legacy algorithms (instructions below)
    •    Postpone your UniVerse upgrade. We are working on a Hotfix for SB/XA 6.5.7 to upgrade the encryption algorithm used by SB/XA. We plan to release the hotfix before the end of 2023.

    For U2 Web DE your options are:
    •    Upgrade to Web DE 5.3.1 or MVIS 1.3.3
    •    Enable legacy algorithms (instructions below)
    You can enable legacy algorithms using one of the following options:
    •    Set the USE_LEGACY_OPENSSL_ALGORITHM parameter in uvconfig to 1, to permanently override the default.
    •    Run the USE.LEGACY.OPENSSL.ALGRORITHM {ON|OFF|INFORM} {BRIEF|HUSH} TCL command to temporarily enable legacy algorithms in the current session.

    Due to the sensitive nature of security, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest releases whenever it is possible. If you have any questions, please contact Rocket support.

    Christine Rizza
    Sr. MV Product Manager
    Rocket Software