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Uniface version 10.4.02 and higher will be built with VS2022

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 05-30-2022 05:08


Uniface version 10.4.02 and higher will be built with VS2022


With the release of Uniface 10.4.02, Uniface is now built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio compiler (2022). This means that Uniface products can support new technologies available in the market. For instance, Uniface can use the latest version of C++ to produce more secure and better-performing code. It is now also possible to upgrade third-party libraries with the latest technologies. This is planned for CEF, XERCES, ICU, and Scintilla. Upgrades of user 3GL can also benefit for the same reasons.

Tests in the Uniface lab with VS2022 show better performance.

Differences found by the Uniface lab

When printing grayscale jpeg images with the postscript driver, the output looks slightly different in the gray areas of the picture, like in a cloudy sky. This is caused by the difference in floating point handling of the C-runtime that comes with the VS2022.


The installation will include the latest Microsoft redistributable which is backwards compatible with VS2015.

Backwards compatibility

When you have third-party libraries built by Visual Studio 2015. You can still use them in an application built by Visual Studio 2017, 2019, or 2022. There's no need to recompile with a matching toolset. The latest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package (the Redistributable) works for all of them. To have the benefits of the new compiler it is recommended to recompile your user 3GL.


That's it! With the upgrade to VS2022, Uniface can stay where it always was, on the edge of technology.