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Uniface UX – Improve your application’s looks

By Kathy Larson posted 01-30-2024 10:50


by Gerton Leijdekker

Improve your end users' web experience: Introducing Uniface UX and UX Interface
The Uniface R&D team is pleased to share two new experimental features - the Uniface UX and the UX Interface - to greatly impact your web application development. We've designed these features to help you quickly and easily redefine the end-user experience of your web applications. Using the Uniface UX and the UX Interface, developers have out-of-the-box tools to meet the high expectations of today's end users and create graphically rich, modern, and highly customized web applications easily. 
Uniface UX: Redefining the Out-of-the-Box Experience 
Uniface UX is Uniface's answer to the demand for a simplified and user-centric approach to web application development while meeting end-user expectations for a modern web experience. With a focus on giving developers a seamless out-of-the-box experience, the Uniface UX is a comprehensive toolkit that streamlines the creation of visually stunning web applications tailored for demanding end users. 
One of the key highlights of Uniface UX is its library of high-level field-level widgets that are not just ordinary DSP widgets. Developers have the flexibility to meet the unique needs of end users by using properties to tailor behaviour and visualization. We designed the widgets to cover every aspect of application development, from modern look and feel to validation, navigation, and event handling. By centralizing these essential features into reusable widgets, the Uniface UX significantly reduces the development effort required, making the process more efficient and maintainable. Even better, developers can leverage this toolkit to craft applications that function seamlessly and deliver a visually appealing and intuitive experience to meet the end user's expectations. 
Extensibility with the UX Interface 
We also recognize that sometimes you want to go beyond the predefined widgets and customize your solutions to fit your vision. That's why we offer the UX Interface, an experimental feature that lets you enhance and extend the new Uniface UX widgets or create your own from scratch. With the UX Interface, you have complete control over the look and feel of your applications and can unleash your creativity and innovation.
Why Uniface UX and UX Interface? 
The Uniface UX and UX Interface are a powerful combination for simplifying the development process, reducing time and effort, and offering an unparalleled level of customization. With a commitment to openness and collaboration, Uniface invites you to explore the potential of these experimental features and contribute to the evolution of web application development. Additional features are planned for future releases, including more field widgets and extending the UX Interface to Entities and Components.
Visit our E-Learning website (login required) to learn how to use or create your own UX widgets: 
Experimental release 
Please note that these features are experimental, which means we may modify interfaces and add incompatible features. Use this experimental feature to explore the possibilities of creating your own 'Uniface UX' for your applications, and to explore the potential and added value that this feature might have for your projects. We'd love to hear your feedback - what do you think of it, what's missing, what would you like to see, what would help you even more - on the Uniface forum. If you don't have an account, please create one; it's free and easy!