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Sentinel EMS Portal for Self-Service Licensing

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 09-13-2021 05:20


With the release of 10.303 and 10.4.01, Rocket® Uniface Enterprise Edition is moving from DLM to Sentinel for license management. One of the benefits that comes with this change is the ability to view and manage aspects of your licensing yourself using the Sentinel EMS Portal, without needing to contact License Management. 

When you register with Uniface to use a Sentinel license, you are given an Entitlement ID. This represents the licensing features you are entitled to and also gives you access to the EMS Portal. Simply go to the Sentinel EMS Portal, and log in with your Entitlement ID. 

On the portal, you can:

  • Activate and download on-premises licenses 
  • View your licensing information and usage
  • Revoke on-premises licenses

Activate and Download On-Premises Licenses

If you are using an on-premises license (either Network or Standalone), you can log in to the portal to activate and download your license. On the portal, you will find the locking criteria you need to generate a locking code using the echoid utility. This locks your on-premises license to your machine. For detailed information on how to do this, see How to Configure an On-Premises Standalone License and How to Configure An On-Premises Network License.

View Your Licensing Information and Usage

If at any point you wish to view the details of any of your licensing information, you can log in to the portal with your Entitlement ID. Here you can see:

  • The details of your Entitlement
  • Your associated products and features
  • The license expiry date
  • Activation and revocation details
  • Your licensing certificate
  • Usage information

For a standalone license file, you can download the license file again, should you ever misplace it.

Note: It is not possible to update your Entitlement on the portal. Should your licensing needs change, for example, if you need a different license type or changes to the terms of your Entitlement, contact your Account Manager. 

Revoke On-Premises Licenses

Returning or revoking a license is a useful feature if, for example, you need to move a license to a different client machine. For on-premises licenses, you can do this using the revoke tool supplied with your Uniface 10.3.03 or 10.4.01 installation in the \common\bin directory, as well as in the RMS License Manager installation package.

However, you can also start this process from the portal. Click Revoke on the Entitlement screen to download the Revocation Tool and start the revocation process. You can also view your revocation information here. For more details on how to revoke an on-premises license, see How to Return an On-Premises Standalone License and How to Return an On-Premises Network License in the Uniface Documentation. Cloud-served licenses are revoked with a different process, using the Uniface License Management utility.

For more information about Sentinel licensing, and the Rocket® Uniface Enterprise Edition 10.4.01 upgrade, visit our .