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Unlock the Power of Rocket Uniface Development with Our New Rocket Shorts

By Michael Taylor posted 08-23-2023 06:09


Unlock the Power of Rocket Uniface Development with Our New Rocket Shorts 

by: Jason Huggins, Director of Enablement & Education at Rocket Software 


In today’s world of solution development, staying current is crucial. Learning has evolved beyond traditional classroom settings, becoming more dynamic, accessible, and engaging than ever before. An innovative approach that is gaining popularity is the use of "Video Shorts". These short, focused videos are transforming the way we acquire knowledge, enabling us to learn efficiently and effectively in bite-sized portions. 

The Rise of Rocket Uniface Shorts

Uniface Learning Video Shorts are concise, targeted videos designed to deliver specific information or skills in a concentrated format. These videos typically range from one to two minutes in length, making them easily digestible and convenient for learners with busy schedules. The concept aligns perfectly with the modern preference to consume information in small manageable chunks.

The Benefits of Rocket Uniface Shorts 

  1. Efficiency: They provide quick access to precise content, helping you learn efficiently. 

  1. Engagement: Their focus prevents cognitive overload to ensure you stay engaged. 

  1. Flexibility: They can be accessed anytime and anywhere so you can easily enhance your knowledge.  

  1. Retention: Short, frequent bursts of learning can enhance retention. Uniface Shorts enable you to quickly revisit and reinforce concepts as needed, aiding in better information retention. 

  1. Diverse Content: From how-to guides and new practices to informative overviews and expert insights, Uniface Shorts will cover a variety of topics. This diversity ensures learners can find content relevant to their needs. 

  1. Accessibility: Uniface Learning Video Shorts break down barriers to education by catering to different learning preferences and abilities. Visual and auditory learners, as well as those who prefer reading, can all benefit from these videos. 


Rocket Uniface Shorts represent a shift in the way we learn, catering to our modern lifestyle and learning preferences. With their efficiency, engagement, and accessibility, these shorts reduce barriers to education and empower you to acquire knowledge on your terms. As we continue to embrace innovative learning approaches, Rocket Uniface Shorts are paving the way for a more connected, informed, and knowledgeable global Uniface community.  


To view the current shorts, please visit:  Uniface Shorts on Rocket Learn 
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