• Now available | Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation and Rocket Modern Experience 10.2.0

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Rocket Modern Experience, and Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition) are now available.  


    Today’s businesses rely on their IBM i systems to run hundreds of critical applications vital to their operations. For those businesses, a data-informed IBM i modernization plan will immediately and positively impact business productivity and ROI.  


    Rocket Process Insights provides an elevated level of awareness and data into their workflows, helping businesses develop a modernization plan and evolve their IBM i platforms without interrupting those critical workflows. 


    Rocket Process Insights v10.2.0 new ‘click to API’ built-in automation with Rocket’s Process Automation tool automatically triggers the creation of APIs as informed by the modernization plan.  


    Once you have end-to-end visibility of your workflows with Rocket Process Insights, leverage Rocket Modern Experience to build modern, intuitive user interfaces and workflows with customer-host applications that improve productivity and enhance the experience of employees, customers, and partners. 


    Highlights include:


    Securing connections during installation

    • To easily configure secure connections across product components, configuring the installation of a product component now automatically applies the secure connection configuration to the installation fields of other product components.
    • Subsequent installs will reuse the secure connection configuration when installing product components on the same computer.


    Repository management integration

    • The workbench now includes the current Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager plug-in 8.2.701 (64-bit), which is required for Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Enterprise Edition.


    Security updates

    • OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 3.0.5, providing FIPS support and enhanced security.


    Rocket Process Insights (Part of Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation’s Family of Products)

    Creating services 

    • In this release, analysts can create a service with a simple click, all from within the Rocket Process Insights UI. A new wizard starts by identifying the best scenario to create a service and helps the analyst define the input and output variables. Any service that is not completed is saved as a draft for completion later. The analyst then publishes the service as an API library which can be deployed to a Process Automation Engine.


    Insight into usage of stored procedures 

    • Stored procedures are sometimes called from an application on IBM to run SQL statements on a remote database and provide queried results. In this release, you can configure Process Insights to record data about these stored procedures. A usage count of stored procedures is included with exported process data or data from a selected track to a PDF document.

    Heatmap view 
    • The average process duration is displayed on the heatmap tiles. The heatmap can be sorted according to this process duration.  


    Improved state representation 

    • If a state description is available in the display file of the host application, it will be displayed under the screen name in the application graph and process detail view.


    Performance improvements 

    • Deleting tracks is significantly faster 
    • Screen-to-screen navigation has improved on a screen-level view of a process in a heatmap. 


    Rocket Process Automation (Part of Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation’s Family of Products)


    Creating Screen API and Host picture projects leveraging Process Insights 

    • As of this release, you can create projects that include pictures and screen definitions from a recorded track on Process Insights with an option to include the microflows created based on one or more services 


    Creating Screen API projects from templates 

    • To speed up the development of microflows in Screen API projects, templates containing SIGNON screen and the handling of SIGNON exceptions are now available for projects that use the TN5250 protocol 


    Credential reuse in user pools 

    • Previously, if you wanted to reuse the user's credentials multiple times, you had to add many eries to the user pool. Now, you can add one entry for the user and then specify the number of times to reuse the credentials 


    Configurable HTTP response status code 

    • To improve the experience of the consumer of the generated API, it is now possible to set the HTTP response status code to override the 200 OK status code or the 500 Internal Server Error status code for Screen API projects 



    • For easier troubleshooting, if the Process Automation engine fails to start on the IBM i, the issue is reported in the log file. 
    • To help diagnose issues with multi-stage microflows, the problem is reported in the log file if the ending screen of the return stage of a multi-stage Screen API does not match the starting screen of the execution stage. 
    • The Apache Commons Daemon version upgraded from 1.2.4 to 1.3.2 to improve logging. 



    • The Apache Commons Configuration version in Process Automation upgraded from 2.7 to 2.8.0 to address security vulnerability CVE-2022-33980.
    • The Jetty version in Process Automation upgraded from 9.4.46 to 9.4.48 to address security vulnerability CVE-2022-2048. 


    Rocket Modern Experience & Automation Hub


    • Rocket MX & Automation Hub have upgraded Apache Tomcat, the web application server included in the hub installation on Microsoft Windows Server, to version 9.0.65.
    • The PostgreSQL database server is upgraded from version 13.4 to version 13.8.1.


    User Experience

    • The hub layout is now based on React for improved UI performance and responsiveness in the hub.


    New deployment notifications

    • In this release, you now can send out deployment notifications regarding the deployment status to an engine in a specific environment.


    Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition)


    Creating MX Web and Host picture projects leveraging Process Insights

    • As of this release, you can create projects that includes pictures and screen definitions from a recorded track on Process Insights with an option to download a usage statistics report to review identified areas to modernize
    • A new Insights view helps prioritize modernization on these pictures based the popularity of the pictures from frequently viewed screens.


    Persistent pages

    • To improve the rendering performance of pages with content that do not change on every screen, you can now define a section of a page as persistent. This will improve page performance for fast menus, footers, or headers in containers.


    Single-Sign-On (SSO) support in project templates

    • In earlier releases, templates in MX Web projects were extended to easily use IBM z Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Rocket MFA. In this release, Single-Sign On (SSO) identity provider support has been added for use with MFA. Sample scripts to enable this functionality are available in the LegaSuite project template for 5250, and the Material Design project template for 5250 and 3270.


    Engines and Client

    Secure connections for engine and clients

    • For increased security, administrators can now secure these connections at installation time:
      • Engine to the host system
      • Web servlet to the engine
      • Web browser to web server (when the web server option is selected)
      • Web engine and web servlet to the MX and Automation Hub


    Improved logging

    • For easier troubleshooting, warnings about mismatched versions of the Web client and MX Web engine are now logged
    • To help diagnose issues with themes, logging in the web browser console is improved for issues with appearances



    • The .NET framework that is used by the Web desktop client is now upgraded to .NET 4.7.2.
    • The Chromium version used by the Web desktop client is now upgraded to 98.0.4758.102 or later to mitigate security vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-0609, CVE-2022-1096 and CVE-2022-1364). 


    Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition)


    MX Desktop (GUI) to MX Web project conversion

    • Improvements and fixes have been made to the GUI-to-Web project conversion functionality to provide a seamless conversion experience for MX Desktop panel controls to MX Web widgets.


    Importing legacy projects without an album

    • To help customers stay current with the latest (security) enhancements, it is now possible to import legacy J Walk or WinJa projects without an album into a MX Desktop project.


    Engines and Client

    Secure connections for engine and clients

    • For increased security, administrators can now secure these connections at installation time:
      • Engine to the host system
      • Web browser to web servlet


    License counting for Java clients

    • If you are a J Walk or Rocket LegaSuite customer that uses Java clients as an applet in Internet Explorer, licenses are counted per user, not per session. When using the Java client as an application or using Java Web Start deployment, each session used a license count. As of this release, licenses are counted per user and maintained by the License and Message Server (LMS).

    Thank you for trusting your business to Rocket Software. Together, we power legendary outcomes for your company and your customers.


    Detailed release notes can be found here: Rocket Process InsightsRocket Process Automation (IBM i Edition), Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition) and Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition).