• The NEW MV Product Lifecycle Categories

    It has been several years since Rocket MultiValue has made changes in its product lifecycle.  On January 15th, 2021 Rocket MV announced product version lifecycle changes.  These changes will have a one-year grace period, taking effect January 15th, 2022. 

    In 2020, we reassessed and redefined the MV product lifecycle categories.  While reviewing the Rocket MV lifecycle it became apparent that we were missing a lifecycle category between End of Service and End of Life.  For this reason, we redefined End of Service (now End of Support) and End of Life while adding a new status of End of Limited Support.  Categories are now based primarily on supportability of product versions.

    Summary of redefined/new categories:

    End of Support (EOS)– Technical support is limited. Support may or may not have platform versions or product versions for problem reproduction.

    End of Limited Support (EOLS) – The product version has been withdrawn from sales. Support is restricted and will not have an environment for problem reproduction.

    End of Life (EOL) – The product or product version is no longer available. New or additional licenses, maintenance, free upgrades, support, hotfixes and downloadable content are no longer available.

    Based on these category changes we will be recategorizing most currently EOL’d versions to EOLS. 

    For full details on the new MV Product Lifecycle categories and changes please review the Product Lifecycle Definitions 2021 and MV Product Lifecycle Announcement – January 2021 on RBC