• Now available | Rocket Process Insights, Modern Experience and Process Automation (IBM i) 10.1.2

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Modern Experience and Process Automation (IBM i) are now available to customers on the Rocket Community Portal!


    Rocket Process Insights is a workflow/process discovery tool that helps prioritize modernization efforts.


    Once you have end-to-end visibility of your workflows with Rocket Process Insights, leverage Rocket Modern Experience and Rocket Process Automation to build modern, intuitive user interfaces and workflows with customers host applications that improve productivity and enhance the experience of employees, customers, and partners.


    Rocket Process Insights v10.1.2, Rocket Modern Experience v10.1.2 and Rocket Process Automation (IBM i Edition) v10.1.2 expand on these capabilities by offering more insights into user activity, by enhancing the MX Desktop project to MX Web project conversion process and by adding support for a container-first solution deployment strategy.


    Highlights include:



    • PuTTY has been upgraded to version 0.76 which provides enhanced security and functionality.
    • OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 3.0, providing FIPS support and enhanced security.

    Repository management integration
    • In this release, the workbench includes the current Rocket Aldon LifeCycle Manager plug-in 8.2.700 (64-bit), which is compatible with Rocket Aldon LifeCycle Manager Enterprise Edition 6.7.

    Rocket Process Insights

    • Improvements were made to the process detection algorithm when detecting repeated application workflows.
    Process Insights Heatmap
    • As of this release, the content of the PDFs that can be exported has been improved. The PDF for a track now includes information about the screen encountered, the transitions between the screens and the fields that were modified.
    • If you have created a custom view on a heatmap, you now can clone the custom view that creates a new view based on the current view criteria.
    • You now can edit the filter criteria defined in a view in the Heatmap page. Saving the changes made to the filter criteria will reanalyze the view.
    Process Insights Recorder
    • You now can use multiple recorders to actively record to the same track in the same database for Process Insights. This enables you to record information from two different applications on the same host in the one track or to record to multiple tracks simultaneously.  
    • For easier troubleshooting, you now can view log files for the recorders. From the Recorders page, click a recorder to go to the Details tab, then click the Logging tab to display the log file contents to troubleshoot any issues with the recorder.

    Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition)

    Engines and Client
    • The engine installation experience has been streamlined to allow engines to use Default providers, FIPS compliant, or Legacy providers for the OpenSSL configuration.

    Rocket Process Automation

    • For an easier configuration experience, the Rocket U2 JDBC driver is now included for Database API projects.
    Automation Engine
    • The Rocket Process Automation engine is now available as Docker image supporting containerization or container-first strategies.

    Rocket MX & Automation Hub

    • The role assignment UX has improved to offer an easier configuration experience.


    Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition)

    • To provide a seamless MX Desktop project to MX Web project conversion, the project conversion wizard now provides a new ‘preconfigured’ option that will automatically create an MX Web project and an associated Theme project.

    Thank you for trusting your business to Rocket Software. Together, we power legendary outcomes for your company and your customers.


    Detailed release notes can be found here: Rocket Process Insights,  Rocket Process Automation (IBM i Edition), Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition) and Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition).