• Rocket DevOps core for Enterprise 10.2 is now available

    I'm pleased to announce that a new version of Rocket® DevOps is now available.

    Rocket DevOps core for Enterprise (RDOe), is the new name for Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager for Enterprise. 

    As well as renaming Lifecycle Manager, we have made the following enhancements:


    Rocket DevOps core for Enterprise

    • Visual Studio 2022 support
    • Promotion activities tracked by task
    • Alert feature for same part in multiple tasks
    • Part association limit for tasks (optional performance enhancement)
    • Shipped example of CI/CD workflow
    • New sample event trigger to prevent promote to <env> if target contains part with Request Promote
    • Command line support: import package purge
    • Enhanced message logging
    • Enhanced git support (aldongit file rename, sync to RDOe)
    • Upgrade shipped JDK 8 to JDK 11
    • Improved DevOps portal report integration
    • iASP support
    • IBM i V7.5 support


    Security Server

    • Long password support for 'administrator' user
    • Apache tomcat upgrade to 9.0.63
    • Upgrade Log4j library to 2.17.2


    Bug Fixes

    • Resolve Visual Studio 2019 file transfer issues
    • Resolve reporting for 0 byte file deployments
    • Resolve Java heap size limitations
    • Include missing task name in promote request reporting
    • Deployment authority updates (ad hoc deploy and default profile maintenance).
    • RDOe gui cannot resolve part lists to remove part association for Task with ~ 90k parts


    Upgrade path

    • LM(e) - from version 6.7 to RDOe 10.2
    • Security Server from 2.4 to 10.2
    • Ald/CS from 1.16 to 10.2

    Upgrades from an earlier 5.x or 6.x release include complex database changes. I advise you you take advantage of complimentary pre-upgrade verification run on a Rocket test server prior to upgrading from earlier LM(e) versions. You can request this service through our support team by calling your local country number or by email (



    • RDOe on IBM i is compatible with
      • RDOi 10.2
      • RDOp 10.2.0
      • RDOt 10.2.0
      • CM 11.6.14**
      • Jira Add-on 3.0
      • Jenkins Plug-in 2.1.1


    ** See CM 11.6.14 PTFs for integration PTF for RDOi 10.2 and RDOe 10.2

    For full details, please refer to the Compatibility documents, available in the Rocket Documentation Library (


    Comprehensive details of the changes in this release can be found on the Rocket documentation website using the following link:

    Rocket DevOps core for Enterprise 10.2 Release Notes

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Rocket DevOps.


    Kind regards,



    Chris White
    Principal Product Manager