• Rocket DevOps test is now available

    I’m thrilled to announce the first release of a brand-new Rocket product – Rocket DevOps test. Not only is this a new Rocket product, but it’s also a completely new IBM i product!


    Rocket DevOps test (RDOt) is the second new IBM i product that we’ve launched this year and follows in the footsteps of Rocket DevOps portal (RDOp). Both are core components designed to support the evolution of Rocket DevOps - formerly known as Aldon – and demonstrate our commitment to the IBM i community.


    Rocket DevOps test offers integrated testing functions built right into the RDOp platform, and includes automated unit, integration, and regression testing capabilities.


    The key features for this release are:

    • Create, edit, view, report test cases
    • Extract & anonymise test data from production systems
    • Record and playback interactive sessions
    • Submit & monitor batch jobs
    • Execute and monitor remote commands on IBM i, Windows, and Linux systems


    You need to be on the latest versions of LMi (8.6) and/or LMe (6.7) to take advantage of the new features of RDOp and RDOt.


    If you’d like more information, or you’d like to see the products in action, please email me and I’ll be pleased to contact you.


    Chris White

    Principal Product Manager