• Introducing Rocket® UniData 8.3.1, U2 Common Clients 5.4.1, and MV BASIC for VS Code 2.4.0

    The Rocket MV team is pleased to announce the release of UniData 8.3.1, U2 Common Clients 5.4.1, and MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) 2.4.0 on February 26th, 2024.

    Rocket® UniData 8.3.1

    UniData 8.3.1 HA/DR enhancements and bug fixes help you manage your replication environment more effectively.

    • We’ve added a new script so you can stop and restart the repmanager, eliminating the requirement to restart UniData if the repmanager becomes unresponsive.
    • We’ve enhanced the "invalid log sequence" message to include the actual and expected LSN number, which will assist you when debugging.
    • We’ve added a skip option to the ud_repadmin command to facilitate recovery from stalled subscriber groups.

    UniData 8.3.1 security upgrades and enhancements help keep your applications and business safe and compliant.

    By upgrading to OpenSSL v3.0, UniData supports a wide array of protocol levels. OpenSSL 3.0 includes a major architectural change from OpenSSL 1.1 and brings with it enhanced security features. For more information, please refer to the release notes and Security Features.

    UniData 8.3.1 helps you modernize your environment.

    The version of Python we include in 8.3.1, Python 3.11, includes the Python OpenSSL extension, meaning it no longer depends on UniData’s built-in OpenSSL version. Like other third-party libraries, the Python OpenSSL extension now relies on the OpenSSL version provided by the operating system.

    UniData 8.3.1 contains numerous enhancements and bug fixes designed to optimize your MV experience.

    • UniQuery enhancements
    • UniBasic enhancements
    • New and updated udtconfig parameters      

    Want to learn more?  UniData 8.3.1 documentation is available online.

    Rocket® U2 Common Clients 5.4.1

    U2 Common Clients 5.4.1 enhancements and upgrades include:

    • We’ve upgraded OpenSSL to v3.0
    • We’ve upgraded UniObjects for .NET to .NET6
    • We’ve standardized all U2 Clients and API component version numbers (except for Dynamic Connect) in this release, meaning that certain component versions have been downgraded within this release and as a result direct upgrades are not possible. Please note, you will need to uninstall and reinstall.
    • This release includes a total of eight enhancements and 11 bug resolutions.

    Please see the U2 Common Clients 5.4.1 release notes for further details.

    Rocket® MV BASIC for VS Code 2.4.0

    MV BASIC for VS Code 2.4.0 introduces new features specific to UniData:

    • Full BASIC debugging (gRPC-based debugging) functionality for UniData 8.3.1 (or higher) provides more stability and high performance when you’re using the debugging capabilities in BASIC.
    • We added support of compilation flavors ‘r’ and ‘m’ for UniData. These flavors add to the existing flavors of “p” and “u” for UniData BASIC compilation, giving you more options.

    In addition, the team has fixed the following issues so customers can now activate an extension under the following conditions:

    • when _JAVA_OPTIONS_ is configured in the system environment
    • when putting a single BASIC page into a new VS Code window

    For more details on MV BASIC for VS Code 2.4.0 and to download the extension please visit the VS Code marketplace.

    Upgrade now! Our team is eager to assist you with any questions or support you may need during the upgrade process.  If you are currently on maintenance, you can download your  Rocket products from Rocket Business Connect (RBC).  If you do not have an active maintenance contract, please contact our sales team to get started!

    Rocket MultiValue maintains a standard Product Lifecycle policy.  To view the lifecycle for your version of UniData and related tools, review the lifecycle dates and statuses on the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).