• Register Now for the UniVerse 11.4.1 and MVX 1.7 Beta!!

    The Rocket Software MultiValue team is inviting all Rocket® UniVerse customers to participate in our UniVerse 11.4.1 beta program.  This is your chance to test, influence and provide feedback on UniVerse 11.4.1.

    If you decide to participate, here are some new functionality highlights you'll find in UniVerse 11.4.1 and Rocket® MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX Performance) 1.7 for customers on active maintenance.

    • We’ve enhanced HA/DR and fixed some bugs, making it easier to manage your replication environment while improving performance
      • Improve performance by implementing the Replication Intelligent Queue Manager, which allows a subscribing system to recognize when there are multiple updates in the queue to the same file
      • Easily test a new version of UniVerse on a subscribing system while still running an older version of UniVerse in production because UniVerse 11.4.1 allows a subscriber to receive logs from older protocol levels
      • Recover from stalled subscriber groups using the new uv_repadmin option
    • Works with a new version of the Rocket MVX Performance that monitors replication and licensing events including
      • Replication Suspended Event, File Merge Stalled Event, Stuck LSN Event, plus eight other replication-related events
      • Device Licensing Reached Limit event, Device Licensing Exceeded, and Database License Used event.
    • Discover bottlenecks and areas where you can improve performance in your applications using UV BASIC Profiling’s application performance analysis and insights
    • Take advantage of the dictionary compiler upgrade that includes new BASIC functions such as NOW(), TODATETIME(), TODATE(), TOTIME(), and CHANGE()
    • An upgraded version of Python to v3.11
    • Support for OpenSSL v3.0
    • +++ many enhancements and bug fixes

    Here’s what you need to know about the 11.4.1 Beta:

    Start timeframe: May 31st, 2023

    Registration Deadline: May 24th, 2023

    Duration: 4 weeks

    Participant Limit: 30 customers maximum (please note you can register multiple engineers from the same customer)

    Supported platforms: AIX, Linux, and Windows only 

    Meetings: one meeting per week which will consist of enhancement highpoints/demos and open discussions (most time zones will be covered)

    Rocket Forum: All participants will be required to have a Rocket Forum account to collaborate with other beta participants and Rocket engineers.  Additionally, all beta announcements, beta software download links and meeting recording links will be provided via the forum

    To join the UniVerse 11.4.1 beta:

    1)     Go to the Beta Registration Page and fill out the form and agree to the terms

    2)     Create an account on the Rocket Forum

    The UniVerse 11.4.1 beta program will give you the opportunity to engage and collaborate with:

    ·       Rocket tech support

    ·       Product Management

    ·       MV Application Server development teams

    We are excited to develop solutions to help you achieve your goals and  look forward to your participation.


    The Rocket MV Product Management Team