• Now available: Rocket Process Insights, Process Automation and Modern Experience v10.2.1

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that new versions of Rocket Process Insights, Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition) and Rocket Modern Experience are now available.

    Today’s businesses rely on their IBM i systems for running hundreds of critical applications that are vital to their operations. For those businesses, a data-informed IBM i modernization plan will immediately and positively impact business productivity and ROI.

    Rocket Process Insights provides an elevated level of awareness and data into their processes, helping businesses develop a modernization plan and evolve their IBM i platforms without interrupting those important processes.

    Once you have end-to-end visibility of your business processes with Rocket Process Insights, leverage Rocket Modern Experience and Rocket Process Automation to build modern, intuitive user interfaces and automate business processes with customer-host applications that improve productivity and enhance the experience of employees, customers, and partners.

    Rocket Process Insights v10.2.1,  Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition) v10.2.1 and Rocket Modern Experience v10.2.1 provide enhanced security, seamless transition of desktop applications to Web applications and offer simplified & secure access management using the MX and Automation Hub.

    Highlights include:

    General Enhancements

    Security updates

    • To enhance the security of Automation workbench, the java version included is upgraded to version This enables a more secure protocol TLS v1.3 and makes the latest vulnerability patches for Java available
    • To mitigate the risk of known vulnerabilities in the previous version of OpenSSL it is now upgraded to version 3.0.7
    • The Apache Tomcat version used in the hub is upgraded to version 9.0.68 for securing against a known vulnerability


    • To streamline the installation process and configure secure connections between all product components this version adds the ability to use command line parameters when running a silent installation
    • To stay updated with the latest developments and utilize newer Java functionalities, the hub now requires Java 11 or higher
    • The JVM selection during installation is updated and now provides an option to select a specific Java version or to use the system default

    AIX version 7 support

    • As, IBM has ended support for AIX version 6. The MX GUI Engine, MX Web Engine & the Process Automation host connector will now support AIX version 7 as the minimum version.

    Rocket MX & Automation Hub

    Hub access assignment through environments

    To adhere to high security standards and create a fine grained Separation of Duties, a new simplified access management system of Rights and Permissions for environments is introduced which replaces the old system of Role based access. This new system will remove the dependency of developers on administrators for every single deployment.

    Primary access to the hub is now controlled by environments

    • User access is granted per environment by the system administrator. Users assigned to an environment can use and manage the engines registered to that specific environment

    The system administrator adds groups of users, individual users, or both, to a specific environment on the new Access tab

    By default, environments are restricted to users assigned to that environment. This restriction also applies to existing environments when upgrading from an earlier version of the hub

    • A system administrator can also assign the System Administrator role to a user

    Hub user access is now restricted to the following users:

    • The user assigned to the sysadmin account
    • Users assigned as a system administrator
    • Users with access to at least one environment
    • Any user with an Analyst (Process Insights) license

    For workbench users, publishing to the hub from within the workbench requires access to an environment.

    Assigning hub user access is now done on the new Access tab for each environment. Assign a group of users, individual users, or both for access to the environment.


    Rocket Process Insights

    Improved hub layout

    • The Recorders page now displays information in groups on the Details tab

    IBM i Client Access support for recordings

    • The new version now supports users that use IBM i Client Access. Recording a track is now possible on any emulator without additional configuration

    Extended screen information in Process view

    • Error visibility has been added in the Details section to show information about possible screen errors while reviewing screens in a process on the heatmap

    Service creation enhancements

    The Service creation process is now improved and faster using

    • Simplified configurations for handling a subfile
    • Easier field selection for overlapping fields on screen

    Rocket Process Automation (IBM i edition)

    Security enhancements

    • More secure protocols TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 are now added to the list of selectable protocols for HTTPS, SOAP, and SSL communication managers
    • The Apache Commons Daemon version used in the Process Automation engine upgraded from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 to improve logging
    • To simplify the deployment of secure API library projects, Secure Framework option has been added to HTTPS and SOAP communication manager configuration


    Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition)


    In this release, we have an improved MX Desktop (GUI) to MX Web project conversion wizard for a seamless MX Desktop panel controls conversion to MX Web widgets:

    • Project conversion wizard is now easy to use two-step process
    • To generate an enhanced UI output, Style sheets have been improved for converted web pages
    • Created Theme projects have refined generated appearances
    • Better font conversion from LegaSuite GUI projects using Seagull fonts

    Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition)

    Hub connection settings

    To ease the process of creating and publishing a project, the product now has the ability to auto populate hub connection values from the Preferences page in the workbench for:

    • Project creation wizard
    • The new project's Publish Settings tab

    When the Preferences page does not have hub connection values, the hub connection values from the wizard are now automatically saved to the Preferences page.

    Responsive and Improved UI generation

    • To generate a responsive and seamless UI, the read-only text fields, radio buttons, and check boxes now resize automatically based on the size of the text and the layout they are in, unless configured separately
    • With the new updates in the theme builder, the web designer can now change the look and feel of the of the Menubar widget and the menu buttons
    • To reduce web development efforts, users can now select the Custom appearance name directly from the Properties view


    Thank you for trusting your business to Rocket Software. Together, we power legendary outcomes for your company and your customers.


    Detailed release notes can be found here: Rocket Process InsightsRocket Process Automation (IBM i Edition), Rocket Modern Experience (Desktop Edition) and Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition)