• Rocket DevOps portal 10.1.3 is now available

    I'm pleased to announce the release of Rocket DevOps portal & test v 10.1.3

    Rocket DevOps is the next evolution of Rocket Aldon ALM. Rocket DevOps portal is a management and orchestration console that provides an easy-to-use web interface for Rocket DevOps operations. It supersedes Rocket Aldon Ops portal and provides a common interface for other new and planned modules. New dashboard capabilities and a consolidated Report Manager are included together with remote system status monitoring.

    Highlights of this release include:

    • New audit report scheduler
    • Enhanced audit report parameters
    • Email server configuration support
    • Fast download of Task reports
    • New dashboard shortcut options
    • Safari browser support

    Rocket DevOps test v 10.1.3 UI supports these additional features**

    • Create, edit, view, report test cases
    • Extract & obfuscate test data from production systems
    • Record and playback interactive sessions
    • Submit & monitor batch jobs
    • Execute and monitor remote commands on IBM i, Windows, and Linux systems

    ** Requires the latest versions of LMi (8.6) and/or LMe (6.7) to take advantage of the new features of RDOp and RDOt and a separate product download.  For further information, or to see the Rocket DevOps test in action, please contact:

    Chris White
    Principal Product Manager