• Rocket® UniData 8.3.2 with Rocket® MVX: Performance 1.10 elevates your HADR experience

    The Rocket MV team is pleased to announce the release of Rocket UniData 8.3.2 and Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) 1.10 on April 25th, 2024.

    UniData 8.3.2 is the first UniData release certified with the Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) 1.10, which is available for our customers on maintenance. MVX: Performance monitors the performance of your UniData server and provides DBAs or developers with a better way to track down issues. It determines the root cause of issues, including the server, the operating system, the hardware, or a combination. DBAs can easily receive alerts when over 40 performance monitoring events occur, so constant monitoring is not required.  In addition, UniData 8.3.2 and MVX: Performance 1.10 provide you with an enhanced replication experience, bolstering High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) capabilities.

    UniData 8.3.2 extends the security features introduced in UniData 8.3.1, which included:

    • Enhancements and bug fixes that help you manage your replication environment more effectively — important for High Availability/Disaster Recovery.
    • Security upgrades and enhancements to help keep your applications and business safe and compliant. By upgrading to OpenSSL v3.0, UniData 8.3.1+ supports a wide array of protocol levels. OpenSSL 3.0 includes a major architectural change from OpenSSL 1.1 and brings with it enhanced security features.
    • The version of Python we include in 8.3.1+, Python 3.11, includes the Python OpenSSL extension, meaning it no longer depends on UniData’s built-in OpenSSL version. Like other third-party libraries, the Python OpenSSL extension now relies on the OpenSSL version provided by the operating system.

    Regarding HA/DR, MVX: Performance 1.10 provides a replication monitoring feature which greatly improves the display from XAdmin by providing:

    • a statistical summary display of multiple distributions
    • identification of LSNs causing subscribing group(s) to stop processing
    • trend information on pacing
    • time behind
    • time to catch up
    • replication events and notifications
    • replication responsive charts with historical data showing concurrency trends and estimated time to catch up

    Want to learn more? UniData 8.3.2 and MVX: Performance 1.10 documentation is available online. The documentation is HTML, so please try the new AI features! Remember to add a question mark at the end of your search question. If you’d like a demo of MVX: Performance, please email Mary Schulz at

    Upgrade now! Our team is eager to assist you with any questions or support you may need during the upgrade process. If you are currently on maintenance, you can order and download your Rocket products from Rocket Business Connect  (RBC | Rocket Software). If you do not have an active maintenance contract, please contact our sales team to get started!

    Rocket MultiValue maintains a standard Product Lifecycle policy. To view the lifecycle for your version of UniData and related tools, review the lifecycle dates and statuses on the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).