• Rocket DevOps 10.2 is now available

    I’m pleased to announce the release of Rocket® DevOps 10.2. Rocket DevOps (formerly Rocket Aldon®) is a platform designed specifically to enable end-to-end CI/CD for IBM® i+ environments. This latest release includes a suite of enhancements designed to streamline your user experience.

    The products in the Rocket DevOps family have been rebranded for this version. Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition), LMi, is renamed to Rocket DevOps core for IBM i, also known as RDOi. Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition), LMe, is renamed to Rocket DevOps core for Enterprise, also known as RDOe.

    Rocket DevOps test, our latest core component of Rocket DevOps that delivers integrated testing capabilities right into the platform, now includes full licensing support through the Rocket DevOps portal. Users can import, validate, and provision Rocket DevOps test licenses, as well as view license statuses directly on the portal. A new, fully integrated IBM i install also allows Rocket DevOps test to be run natively on IBM i.


    DevOps test 10.2 Release Notes

    Additionally, version 10.2 includes the following highlights for its core components:

    Rocket DevOps core for IBM i (formerly Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager IBM i Edition)

    • Secure TCP deployment (TLS/SSL)
    • Change File While Active (CFWA) enhancements
      • Temporal and partitioned table support
      • Control CFWA process by target
      • Resume journaling option

    DevOps core for IBM i 10.2 Release Notes

    Rocket DevOps core for Enterprise (formerly Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Enterprise Edition) for Linux servers **

    • Db2® 11.5.4 support
    • Promotion activities tracked by task
    • Alert feature for the same object in multiple tasks
    • Place a limit on part association for task
    • Shipped example of CI/CD workflow
    • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2022

    DevOps core for Enterprise 10.2 Release Notes

    ** - IBM i install version will be available January 12th 2023.

    Rocket DevOps portal

    • Role based security for RDOp and RDOt users
    • Housekeeping functions for RDOi servers
    • Change File While Active (CFWA) deployment
    • TLS Location status visibility
    • Additional dashboards

    DevOps portal 10.2 Release Notes


    For more information, please contact:

    Chris White
    Principal Product Manager