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Go for Performance with 64-bit Development and Deployment

By Jan Cees Boogaard posted 09-13-2021 05:17


Enterprise Edition users can now choose between 32-bit and 64-bit environments for both your application development and deployment, as of Rocket® Uniface 10.3.03 and 10.4.01. While we already supported a 64-bit runtime to deploy your application, you can now also use the 64-bit IDE to develop your application in a 64-bit environment!

Benefits of deploying a 64-bit application

  • Better performance because the application matches the hardware architecture
  • More responsive because hardware resources are optimally utilized
  • All current processors are optimized for 64-bit instructions.

What do you need to consider?

Let’s step back a bit. When you develop a Uniface application and set out to deploy it; there are several things you need:

  1. Your application resources and deployment archives
  2. The Uniface runtime consisting of Server, Router, web application server and database
  3. Your configuration files to let your runtime, application resources and database work together

Collectively we call this your environment. You can choose to download and install this environment for either 32-bit and 64-bit.

When you want to capitalize on the better performance of 64-bit, you can make a conscious decision. Oftentimes we see organizations use the power of Uniface to interface with 3rd-party technology using COM signatures for C, C++ or other third-generation languages. This interface needs to be compatible between all versions. For 32-bit environments, you need to use the correct 32-bit 3GL. For 64-bit environments, you need to use the correct 64-bit 3GL.

So, if you can adopt the 64-bit runtime in your deployment environments with all your external dependencies, you can now use the 64-bit IDE!

For more information about upgrading your Rocket® Uniface Enterprise Edition, visit our 10.4 .