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Anyone Running RTE in z/OS zCX container?

  • 1.  Anyone Running RTE in z/OS zCX container?

    Posted 05-30-2023 10:49


    I am hoping someone on here has played with RTE using z/OS zCX containers.    I currently have RTE WE running successfully under z/OS V2.5 in USS with IBM supplied NODE.JS version 18.14.2.

    My question is about running RTE in a z/OS ZCX container as documented in the administrators guide. For the zCX container, I have s390x/node.js V20 docker image downloaded s390x/node - Docker Image | Docker Hub here. However, what is not clear in the admin guide is whether or not I need to use the extracted download image for z/OS USS which is the larger .pax file on your website, or do I use the extracted .tar file instead? 

    I think the Linux .tar download is what I need, and have been using to create the docker image.

    I actually had the docker build run successfully with the .tar version, but had issues because the first s390x/node.js package was the "slim" version, which i hadnt noticed, and doesnt contain everything needed. RTE startup had errors, and i couldnt connect to it, so I assumed it was the wrong version of node.js. Once I downloaded the full version, and imported that, is when the problems below started.

    I ask because the docker build is failing with:


    FROM s390x/node:latest

    # Create app directory

    RUN mkdir -p /home/rte

    # Bundle app source

    COPY ./bzwapps /home/rte/bzwapps

    # Expose the HTTP port

    EXPOSE 8543

    # Start the application

    WORKDIR /home/rte/bzwapps/bin

    CMD [ "sh", "" ]

    Fails with

    admin@ctsatest:/tmp/RocketRTEinstall$ docker build . -t bluezone:latest

    Sending build context to Docker daemon 369.2MB

    Step 1/6 : FROM s390x/node:latest

     ---> 9350c47e2c80

    Step 2/6 : RUN mkdir -p /home/rte

     ---> Running in 22e5e482b372

    failed to create shim: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to start container process: exec: "/bin/sh": stat /bin/sh: no such file or directory: unknown

    Dave Jousma
    Principal Systems Programmer
    Fifth Third Bank, N.A.
    Grand Rapids MI US

  • 2.  RE: Anyone Running RTE in z/OS zCX container?

    Posted 05-30-2023 22:24
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