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  • 1.  Downloading list of files

    Posted 04-15-2024 05:24

    This may well be covered somewhere. I tried searching, but my impression was that the search results were for ANY forum rather than this particular one, so I kinda drowned in all the results.

    Assume I have the option/ability to create a copy/paste list of files I want to transfer from the mainframe to the PC. For example




    Is there a way I can put this into some sort of Notepad script (obviously (?) with commands surrounding the filenames) such that I can then run the script within Secure FTP transfer (or outside) so that (in this example) these 3 files are transferred to the PC (I realize that I would obviously want/have to specify the receiving PC directory where these files end up).

    In this example, there are only 3 files, in reality, it might be anywhere between 30-50, so being able to create/edit a script list for the transfer would simplify things enormously. 

    Thank you.

    Michael Simpson
    Rocket Forum Shared Account

  • 2.  RE: Downloading list of files

    Posted 04-17-2024 02:42

    My apologies for this. I had the idea of testing the option of Transfer, Transfer List,  Play to see how this worked. I chose a file that already existed in my BlueZone\Transfer directory and ran it.

    Downloaded a couple of files with no problems.

    I then decided to see if I could edit the contents of the .btl file I'd chosen. Turns out it simply contained lines like

    RETR "my.mainfram.file" C:\Temp\my.mainfram.file.txt

    As simple as that. Now alI have to do is create a similar file and I'm up and running.

    My apologies are for the fact that I'm 99.9% certain I've appended something like this already on the forum somewhere (and had forgotten)

    Michael Simpson
    Rocket Forum Shared Account