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How to determine which pages are worth optimizing in MX Web

  • 1.  How to determine which pages are worth optimizing in MX Web

    Posted 11-01-2022 11:13
    Edited by Roger Van Valen 11-01-2022 11:14
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    After collecting your IBM i screens in the Rocket MX products, you may end up with hundreds of screens.
    Not all of these screens are equally used. There can be screens critical to all your end users, but some screens may not be used at all or only seldom.

    Process insights can give you the insights on your application usage.
    The latest version of Rocket MX Web (10.2.0) can leverage this information using the quickstart from insights.
    Example insights overview of used pages in MX Web

    This way you can optimize the pages that actually matter to your end users by improving the user experience on these pages.

    This video will illustrate how to collect the track information from the hub to instantly create a web project and even do a smart build of the collected screens.
    Additionally statistical information will be shown of the usage and processes from the hub, which will help to quickly modernize the most used pages of your application.

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