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  • 1.  ide_state.zip contents.

    Posted 01-04-2023 05:08
    I would like to be able to set up a 'default state'  for my IDE, so that when I have finished a task I can reset the open tabs to a base state and therefore 'close' all the objects I have been working on for that task. 
    I could copy in and out the state zip file, but that would also reset the stored position in all the components, so if I re-open a recent one, it will not be focused on the latest changes. 
    I have peered into the zip file, and I think that 'all' I need to do is build something that copies the MAIN file in (from one previously copied out), but I don't want to play too hard for fear of messing up my IDE. 
    Is there such a function (reset the tabs to the specified list), and/or a breakdown of the files in the zip folder so I know if there are others I should be backing up for consistency? 

    Iain Sharp
    Head of Technical Services
    Pci Systems Ltd
    Sheffield GB

  • 2.  RE: ide_state.zip contents.

    Posted 01-04-2023 11:45

    Short answer: no - not at this time - and no - there is no official documentation of the ide.state.zip content. Sorry.

    The ide state also includes some version numbers. And it can happen that the state becomes outdated when you install a patch. When this happens the state of the affected object(s) will be deleted. I guess you would need to ask for an enhancement that provides some public API for the IDE state functionality.

    The file MAIN seems to hold the complete state of the IDE. But I have no idea if simply overwriting it with a previous version will actually work. There might be dependencies with other files in the ide_state.zip. I did not check. But it probably is a bad idea to temper with this data (without really knowing what it does).

    Probably not what you would like to hear. Again sorry.


    Daniel Iseli
    Principal Technical Support Engineer
    Uniface Services
    Rocket Software, Switzerland