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New features about Scripts on the version 10.1.4

  • 1.  New features about Scripts on the version 10.1.4

    Posted 12-26-2022 06:05
    In the new version of 10.1.4, we have added scripting control on both the TE Administration Console side and RTE Web side
    On the TE Administration Console
    it added a scripts menu that can import in bulk, rename, and delete scripts. it added autorun scripts at Advanced tab In Session definition menu. It can match scripts to a single key in Powerpad, LaunchPad, and Keyboard. In this way, when sharing the session with this PowerPad, Launchpad and Keyboard to end-users in RTE Web, the corresponding end-user can use the matching key to manipulate the script.
    On the RTE Web side, in addition to the import, record, create, play and edit functions of the previous version, we have added the delete, download functions in the new features, and enhanced the import function. At the same time, in PowerPad, Launchpad and keyboard, we can also modify the shared scripts to self-defined script by end-users

    Xia Hao
    Rocket Internal - All Brands