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Now available | Rocket® Process Insights, Rocket® API and Rocket® Modern Experience 10.3.0

  • 1.  Now available | Rocket® Process Insights, Rocket® API and Rocket® Modern Experience 10.3.0

    Posted 04-03-2023 21:41

    The Rocket Software team is pleased to announce that new and latest versions of Rocket Process Insights, Rocket API and Rocket Modern Experience are now available.

    Today's businesses rely on IBM® i & IBM zSystems® for running hundreds of critical applications that are vital to their operations. For those businesses, a data-informed modernization plan will immediately and positively impact business productivity and ROI.

    Rocket Process Insights provides an elevated level of awareness and data into their processes, helping businesses develop a modernization plan and evolve their IBM platforms without interrupting those important processes.

    Once you have end-to-end visibility of your business processes with Rocket Process Insights, leverage Rocket Modern Experience and Rocket API to build modern, intuitive user interfaces and automate business processes with customer-host applications that improve productivity and enhance the experience of employees, customers, and partners.

    Rocket Process Insights v10.3.0  brings the power of process insights to IBM zSystems®, Rocket API v10.3.0 provides latest security upgrades and Rocket Modern Experience v10.3.0 enables a quick and easy workflow generation functionality along with out-of-the-box configurations for creating more accessible web applications.

    Highlights include:

    Renaming announcement

    §  Rocket® Process Automation (IBM® i Edition) was reverted to its previous name of Rocket® API, Rocket Software's flagship tool with API capabilities. The Rocket® API name resonates perfectly with the product functionalities and has a higher brand recall.


    General Enhancements

    Security updates

    • To mitigate the risk of known vulnerabilities in the previous version of OpenSSL it is now upgraded to version 3.0.8.
    • The Apache Tomcat version used in the hub is upgraded to version 9.0.73 for securing against known vulnerabilities.

    Java 11 upgrade

    • To stay updated with the latest developments and utilize newer Java functionalities, all below listed product components now require Java 11 as the minimum version
      • Rocket MX and Automation workbench
      • Rocket MX and Automation gateway
      • Rocket MX and Automation hub
      • Rocket API engine
      • Rocket Modern Experience Web servlet


    Rocket Process Insights

    IBM zSystems® support

    • This release brings our most innovative and popular product Rocket Process Insights, that was only available for IBM® i users, to IBM zSystems®. Now, get end-to-end deep visibility into IBM zSystems® applications and business processes using the new Process Insights.  With the generated insights, prioritize the high-value business processes on IBM zSystems® and initiate a data-driven modernization plan.
    • Connection settings to IBM zSystems® are added to configure the recorder. Similar to recordings on the IBM® i, analyzed recordings are added as tracks to the Tracks page. Then use the Heatmap functionality to view the processes.
    • Note: A Rocket Process Insights for IBM Z license is required to enable this functionality. At present, quick service generation within Process Insights is not available for IBM zSystems®; the generated insights can be easily exported into a pdf document.

    [Beta] Explorer functionality (User guided discovery)

    §  With the new Explorer functionality, get insights into specific applications and determine the optimum path (steps through the green screen) for resolving errors or exceptions in a business process. With these insights, the effort and time demanding manual processes of error resolution can be automated to achieve total modernization.

    §  The Beta Explorer functionality will only support specific claims processing applications on IBM zSystems® out-of-the-box. With this feature, determine the optimum path for resolving error codes in the claims resolution business process.


    Rocket Modern Experience (Web Edition)

    Qooxdoo upgrade for Web accessibility

    §  To stay current with the Qooxdoo framework, the version used with the web client is upgraded from version 6.0 to version 7.5.

    §  With this upgrade, Rocket Modern Experience now supports out-of-the-box advanced configurations for enabling web accessibility.

    §  Now create modern web applications which are more accessible for all users by upgrading to the latest version of the Rocket Modern experience.

    Workflow generation from Rocket Process Insights

    §  Using the new quick and easy workflow generation functionality in Rocket Modern Experience, save critical development effort and time while transforming your IBM® i and IBM zSystems® applications' into Modern Web Apps.

    §  This is achieved by adding the ability to generate workflows from one or more selected services in a Process Insights track. A new option to Import services is added on the project creation wizard page. The workflow, complete with variables, is created for each service and added to the Web project's Workflows folder, ready to be used.

    Rocket MX and Automation workbench

    Eclipse upgrade

    • The Eclipse version in the workbench has been upgraded from version 4.6.3 to 4.26. Java 11 is the minimum Java version required to run the workbench.

    New screen identification rule

    • With an improved screen identification, easily distinguish between editable and read-only fields i.e. input and output fields. The new screen identification rule Field: same position, length and usage was added for 3270 and 5250.



    Rocket API

    Security upgrade

    §  For enhanced security of connections, a configuration page was added to the API engine and MX and Automation gateway installation wizards. A keystore, truststore or both are required to use this feature, which needs to be created before the installation.

    Component Rename

    §  To standardize the new name across components, the below were renamed along with the product name

    o   Rocket® Process Automation engine is now Rocket® API engine

    o   Rocket® Process Automation gateway is now Rocket® MX and Automation gateway

    o   Rocket® Process Automation host connector is now Rocket® API host connector

    Thank you for trusting your business to Rocket Software. Together, we power legendary outcomes for your company and your customers.

    Detailed release notes can be found here: Rocket® Process Insights, Rocket® API, Rocket® Modern Experience (Desktop Edition) and Rocket® Modern Experience (Web Edition)

    Nikesh Zalte
    Product Manager, Application Modernization
    Rocket Software