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Questions about alerts related to UV 12

  • 1.  Questions about alerts related to UV 12

    Posted 05-30-2023 15:18

    Greetings all!

    We are currently running 11.3.4 on AIX 7.2.  In order to mitigate the newly discovered security issue with unirpc, we have the option of upgrading to the appropriate builds of 11.3.5 or 12.2.1.  Since upgrading involves a great deal of application and integration regression testing, we are considering jumping to 12 instead of staying on 11 now, and then having to jump to 12 later.

    All of the listings for version 12 in the product matrix have alerts associated with them, listing an issue related to using unmasked kills on UV processes.

    For the user base - is anyone currently running on AIX?  If so, have you encountered any issues related to this alert?
    For the Rocketeers - with the new memory buffer design, is this alert a permanent fixture now, or is there anything in the works to remediate the issue in the near future?

    To everyone - while this alert is the main cause of concern for us at this time, has anyone discovered any other issues in terms of application compatibility going from version 11 to version 12?

    Any and all info is greatly appreciated!

    Brian Paige