D3 and mvBase

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  • 1.  Rocket Software will continue to support our mvBase customers

    Posted 04-13-2023 10:16
    Edited by Chris Rizza 04-13-2023 10:18

     We love our mvBase customers and wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some important details.

    First and foremost, mvBase applications will continue to be supported

    While we are moving mvBase through our Product Lifecycle to End of Limited Support in September, this simply means support is available but restricted.  Also, you can still renew your maintenance contract. Rocket Software customers on maintenance are entitled to obtain product upgrades at no additional charge (if new versions are available). To learn more please see the Product Lifecycle Announcement that we updated and shared via email in Sept. 2022, 12-months before moving Rocket Software MultiValue products to new stages in the Product Lifecycle.  Additionally, the Product Lifecycle Definitions and our Product Lifecycle Policy are available on the Rocket Business Connect.

    Second, mvBase customers have options
    While Rocket Software would love for our mvBase customers to migrate to another Rocket MV application server, we are not specifically advising mvBase customers move to any one MV application server over the others.  We are proud to give our mvBase customers options, including:

    ·        staying on mvBase

    ·        moving to D3 (where a defined migration path exists)

    ·        moving to jBASE

    ·        moving to UniVerse 

    We want our mvBase customers to pick the Rocket Software MV application server that best fits their requirements.  We know some of you are already exploring migrations to jBASE or D3.

    Please know that if you need help, our Customer Solution Engineering (CSE) team offers both upgrade and migration assistance. We also have partners that offer migration services

    Christine Rizza
    Sr. MV Product Manager
    Rocket Software

  • 2.  RE: Rocket Software will continue to support our mvBase customers

    Posted 04-13-2023 14:32

    Nicely stated, Chris. And I can tell you from my perspective of working in the D3/mvBase Support Department that it is our policy, desire and practice to fully support mvBase customers no matter what the problem is or what version they're running. Patches for mvBase are still and will continue to be generated as needed. We of course recommend but do not require currency or migration. As Claude has beautifully demonstrated, we will support mvBase until we're blue in the face!!

    Brian S. Cram
    Principal Technical Support Engineer
    Rocket Software

  • 3.  RE: Rocket Software will continue to support our mvBase customers

    Posted 04-14-2023 15:07

    Hello Christine, 
    I'm wondering why you left out another option to move mvBase to OpenQm.  Thanks for the updates to keep mvBase.

    Peter Gonzalez
    Programmer/Systems Analyst/EDI Developer
    Self Registered
    St. Louis MO US