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Rocket Uniface 10.3.03-023 Released

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  • 1.  Rocket Uniface 10.3.03-023 Released

    Posted 08-03-2022 10:11
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    Patch 10.3.03-023


    Product availability Matrix (PAM)
    Downloads of this patch are available from the Rocket Customer Support Portal.
    Further explanation can be found here.


    UNI-27626 Second form over HTML widget in Tab widget erases content

    UNI-27626  -  Second form over HTML widget in Tab widget erases content

    Solution available in patch(es):      10.3.03-023, 10.4.02-002


    After installing patch G321, issues with the HTML widget are introduced when it's running in a tab form of the Tab widget or the TabEx widget with enabled Frame property:
    - Hovering a form over the widget erases part of the content
    - Maximizing/restoring forms or the application window can erase the
    full content
    - Triggering a refresh by moving a split bar or a form border restores
    the content.

    The described issue does not occur when the contained form is running in a Form Container or TabEx widget (without a frame).


    + Uniface Version: 9.7.03 + G321 (and later)
    + Operating System: Windows
    + Database: Database independent




    This problem is solved.

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