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Rocket Uniface 10.4.02 Released

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  • 1.  Rocket Uniface 10.4.02 Released

    Posted 07-06-2022 16:47
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    Release 10.4.02


    Product availability Matrix (PAM)
    Downloads of this patch are available from the Rocket Customer Support Portal.
    Further explanation can be found here.

    New Feature(s)

      • The Uniface scripting language has been enhanced with exception handling, simplifying the creation of maintainable, robust, and error-free code.

      • The Uniface set of default templates (utemplates.xml) is enhanced with exception handling best practices. Remember to import the defaults manually in case you are not using a clean repository for your 10.4.02 Development Environment.

      • Global ProcScript library 'ustruct' is added to Uniface (usys.uar) and is ready for use. For example: myStruct = ustruct::fromList(myList).
        Check out the Snippets Library 'libsnp:ustruct' for all available functions. Update your defaults (utemplates.xml) to make this Snippet Library available to your IDE's Resource Browser.
        The sources of the Global ProcScript library 'ustruct' are available in 'uniface/misc/libprc.ustruct.xml' and allows you to extend and/or change the struct functions.
        Note that all code is exception enabled.

      • It is now possible to control incoming web requests and what is returned to the clients. The internal USYSHTTP component, which is responsible for decoding requests and creating the responses, has been open sourced allowing it to be customized.
        For more information see Uniface documentation.

      • Function $procerrorcontext is enhanced with 'RETURN_VALUE' in the additional section when triggers preRequest, preActivate and postRequest return a negative value.

      • Global Procs can now be compiled with the 'nodebug' flag.

      • Uniface is now built with the latest Microsoft Visual Studio compiler (VS2022)

      • The Sentinel licensing software is upgraded to version 10 for Windows and Linux.

      • Sentinel Cloud LM is now supported.
        Uniface now officially supports the latest Sentinel cloud licensing system, called Cloud License Manager. Cloud LM can provide licensing access to any device that is connected to the internet, in contrast to the Network LM (RMS Server) that is most commonly accessible through the company network or via VPN.

      • As applications grow larger, there is an increasing demand for space in the literal pools. The 64KB limit on the literal pool size has been removed to accommodate these applications.
        The Literal Label Pool contains any literals used within the component, such as component names, field names, entity names and models. The Literal Misc Pool contains information on any initial field values and the component title.


      • Docker containers for Uniface Server applications are now available to help simplify the deployment of customer applications in the Cloud.


    UNI-29436 *Sentinel redistributable tools should all be 64bit*

    UNI-29436  -  *Sentinel redistributable tools should all be 64bit*

    Solution available in patch(es):      10.4.02-000, 10.3.03-021


    By error some 32bit dll's were delivered instead.


    + Uniface version: 10.x
    + Platforms: ALL




    This problem is solved.

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