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  • 1.  Source Control help

    Posted 23 days ago

    We would like to put a UniVerse account (all files, VOC, BP, CUSTOMER...) under source control, we use GIT currently for other software projects.

    Has anyone been able to successfully do this?

    Our strategy in our development account was to convert all files into folders (type 19). But the VOC file and Dictionary files (I-types) have problems with being a folder. 

    Is there a way to elegantly put all files in a UniVerse account under GIT source control management? Or are we just beating our heads against a wall?

    The closest we've come to success is when we created "mirrored" files for the VOC and Dictionaries that were folders and used light-weight triggers to update them when the production (hashed) files were updated. That worked fine and GIT saw changes in those mirror files.

    But we then ran into an issue with the GIT and the .gitinclude file configuration. We only want to the show changes in our mirrored files. GIT was adamant about showing differences in all files even the hashes files and we don't want that.

    Please let us know what/how you have implemented source control that would be compatible with GIT. 

    We are using UniVerse on Windows.


    Gil Steidle
    DDI System Inc