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Uniface 8 on RDS Farm not working for few users

  • 1.  Uniface 8 on RDS Farm not working for few users

    Posted 05-24-2022 10:20
    Hi Everybody, we have an issue where I hope you might have a clue.

    We have moved our clients from local (Laptop) implementation to an RDS farm (Remote Desktop).
    The applications we run all work fine for almost all users, but for a few unlucky ones they fail to start and eventually come with an license issue.

    I know this is not the real underlying issue, it is just a result of not starting the application. From what I can see, is that for the applications that run the MAIN uniface screen is opened (uniface.exe) and kept open. for the ones that fail the uniface.exe screen actually shuts down.

    I have added a DEBUG to the application startup-shell and that starts up fine until it needs to open a connection (PATH), when it wants to start a form which is located on the Application Server. At that point the connection is not made, it just goes into a loop on.

    the normal_startup.jpg it shows the uniface 8 runtime window
    the startup_failed.jpg show the debug at the same position, however the uniface 8 runtime window is not there anymore.

    This implementation is done on a Windows 2016 server, the runtime environment, ASN's, INI's, links are all the same for all users, still for some (and consequently the same), the application fails. For some the debug window helped in getting them into the application, but this is now also failing for 1 user....

    Unfortunately upgrading is not a possibility (because of our combination of Uniface/Ingres/Redhat on the server side). Therefor I cannot contact support, because they will mention to upgrade to Uniface 10.

    Did any of you encounter this issue and got it solved?
    any help is appreciated, since I am at a loss at the moment ;)

    Michiel Weel
    Global Collect Services B.V.