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  • 1.  Uniface grid behaviour

    Posted 08-26-2022 05:56
    Edited by Gianni Sandigliano 08-26-2022 08:26

    Hi Unifacers,

    Uniface Grid is highly adaptable but its default behaviours are also sometimes important.

    In a Uniface Grid when a field content is larger than the hosting column size the field content is by default presented:
    - when Autoselect is OFF => left aligned => User is seeing first part of the content (see 1)
    - when Autoselect is ON => right aligned => User is seeing last part of the content (see 2)

    Now the end user is asking to have:

    Autoselect ON AND content left aligned to initially see first part of the content. (see 3)

    (To see examples 1, 2, 3: HERE)

    Explicitely defining LFT for left aligned does not change the grid behaviour; the only solution I  see is to enlarge the hosting column size BUT this is forcing grid scrolling not accepted by the user...

    Any other suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.


    Gianni Sandigliano

  • 2.  RE: Uniface grid behaviour

    Posted 08-30-2022 04:15
    While I have noticed this behaviour before I haven't needed to find a solution for it before and don't know if this will work

    My suggestion would be to leave auto select off and code the text selection into the Field gets focus trigger using keyboard simulation. Probably:
    • ^END to move to the end of the text.
    • ^SELECT^HOME to return to the beginning, selecting all text.

    Mike Porter
    Equiniti Group
    Belfast, UK

  • 3.  RE: Uniface grid behaviour

    Posted 08-30-2022 05:50
    I am afraid that the mentioned structure editor functions (e.g. ^END_LINE or ^SELECT^HOME) will only work with Unifields.

    And I also had a look at the Microsoft doc, and it seems that the behavior the user is asking for is apparently not supported by the Windows Edit Control (which is used by the Grid Editbox widget). Found this:
    • EM_SETSEL :"Edit controls: The control displays a flashing caret at the end position regardless of the relative values of start and end."
    ​I hope this helps.

    Daniel Iseli
    Principal Technical Support Engineer
    Uniface Services
    Rocket Software, Switzerland