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UniObjects for Python (UOPY) v1.3.0 Now Available

  • 1.  UniObjects for Python (UOPY) v1.3.0 Now Available

    Posted 10-23-2023 16:06

    We're pleased to announce the availability of UniObjects for Python (UOPY) v1.3.0 on October 12, 2023.

    UniObjects for Python offers many benefits including:
    •    Provides remote access to MV servers in Python, great for your developers who don't know BASIC
    •    Offers full stack development in Python: from web server (UOPY) to database backend (U2py)
    •    Ability to leverage the Python ecosystem including many 3rd party libraries
    •    Enables rapid application development
    •    Delivers an open and extensible UniObjects client
    •    Helps attract new development talent

    UOPY v 1.3.0 enhancements and bug fixes:

    •    We've added a new uoserver_timeout attribute to uopy.Session, which allows the UO server to retrieve the timeout value from the unirpcservice file. This feature requires UniVerse 11.3.5, UniData 8.3.1 or later versions.
    •    The fileInfoEx method of the uopy.File object now provides more fileinfo details for the UniData server
    •    From within Python, you can now determine the version of uopy by using uopy.{}version{} 

    Bug Fixes 
    •    The uopy client will not hang if either a large number of bytes of data is sent to the server or if the length of time uopy waits for feedback from the U2 server is too long 

    Where to get UniObjects for Python
    You can download UOPY v1.3.0 on the Python Package Index (PyPI) at 

    Christine Rizza
    Sr. MV Product Manager
    Rocket Software