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  • 1.  upgrade to unidata 8.2.4 license update

    Posted 20 days ago

    I believe I was told that when upgrading UDT from a previous version maybe 8.2.x to 8.2.4 its possible to update the license programmatically?

    currently we have to use confprod

    A message displays: You have 10 days to call U2 before UniData stops working.

    5.      Type Ctrl+F to generate the configuration code.

    6.      Copy the generated configuration code to the clipboard; it will be used to obtain the authorization from the vendor in the next section.

    Note:   Consider saving a copy of the configuration code in a text file such as Notepad.

    Obtain an Authorization Code 

    UniData is owned by Rocket Software. No log in is required to obtain a product authorization code.

    1. Use this link to authorize UniData: 

    2.      Read and follow the instructions on the web page.

    3.      On the Rocket Web page, change the Select Product dropdown box to UniData and click Continue.

    4.      Enter your eight-digit serial number, which is the license number appended with -UDT, e.g., 12345678-UDT.

    5.      Enter 8.2.4 in the Version field.

    6.      Paste the configuration code from confprod into the Configuration Code field.

    7.      Select Upgrade version/os version in the Reason for Authorizing field.

    8.      Click Submit.

    9.      Copy the generated authorization code to the clipboard.

    Install Authorization Code 

    The authorization code must be applied to a new UniData installation within ten days of the installation.

    1. The command to enter the Configuration screen is confprod. Refer to the previous steps above.

    2.      Type Ctrl+A and the Authorization Code prompt will display in the lower box.

    3.      Paste the authorization code from Rocket Software into the field (right click in PuTTY) and press <Enter>.

    The message License authorized should display.

    4.      Type Ctrl+E to exit.

    5.      It is not necessary to restart UniData unless the RDMS count or licence number was changed

    based on the above it is possible to automate this?



    Doug Chanco
    Universe Programmer
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    graham NC US

  • 2.  RE: upgrade to unidata 8.2.4 license update

    Posted 20 days ago


    Yes it is possible to do this automatically, currently we would like all the requests to do this to go through support, so please raise a support case and mention that you have spoken to me on the forum. The API we have for this, works within the current structure of RBC, this structure may change in the future, hence why we want to keep track of who has the information.


    Jonathan Smith
    UniData ATS
    Rocket Support