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  • 1.  UPOPMAIL logs

    Posted 02-29-2024 06:26


    Is there a way to get UPOPMAIL logs, like in this post ?


    I'm trying to send mail via an Ms Exchange server (not 365), and everything seems ok when I send the mail ($status >0), but I never get the mail. I tried differents recipients on different domains / mail server, with no success.

    The  email account is working perfectly from Outlook.

    So analysing the logs might help me !


    Jean-Marc SALIS
    Mp Services
    Montauban Cedex FR

  • 2.  RE: UPOPMAIL logs

    Posted 02-29-2024 09:05
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    Hello Jean-Marc,

    Have you tried to set a ioprint?

    I use debugging purposes the following statements in the asnfile under [SETTINGS].

    ;--- logging ---
    ;$proc_tracing          = true
    ;$proc_tracing_addition = "C: %%$componentname%%% S: %%$status%%% P: %%$procerror%%%"
    ;$ioprint               = 127

    I have seen the messages shown in the post you mentioned.

    On the page HTML Email  I found an example. This example was created with Uniface 9.4. I have migrated these sources to Uniface 10.4. I have attached as zip with the export to this reply.


    Richard de Vries
    Sogeti Nederland B.V.


    prj_full_mailer_test.zip   18 KB 1 version