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  • 1.  Using diacritics within Rocket Uniface 10.4 EE

    Posted 01-22-2024 10:17
    We are surveying to see what code page can be used within Rocket Uniface 10.4 EE and the Oracle database (version 19c). In doing so, we would like to be able to use the euro sign and diacrites such as ä, ë, è, é, ç, etc.
    In the current situation, Rocket Uniface 10.3 EE (in combination with an Oracle database) is installed with 'Western European (CP1252-ISO 8895-1)'. If we understood correctly, this code page may not translate all diacritics correctly.
    Basically, we want to go to Unicode (UTF-8) for both Rocket Uniface and the Oracle database server.
    Does anyone have experience with this or know the correct setup of the ASN files?

    Richard de Vries
    Waard Verzekeringen BV
    Wognum NL

  • 2.  RE: Using diacritics within Rocket Uniface 10.4 EE

    Posted 26 days ago

    Hi Richard,

    Uniface from U9 is internally using UTF-8 as base charset.

    I suggest you to give a try in your ASN file to:
    ; To use UTF-8 in all database connections
    $def_charset                    UTF8
    ; To use UTF-8 reading/writing to filesystem (fileload/filedump)
    $sys_charset                    UTF8

    Hope it helps...


    Gianni Sandigliano