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  • 1.  uvWindows-ANALYZE.SHM -s is always 0

    Posted 12 days ago

    hello everybody,

    I post this question, do you have results ANALYZE.SHM -s on uv/windows 11.3... ? 

    we checked on different servers and found that the values are always 0.

    do we have a configuration or rights problem?

    any help is welcome!

    with kind regards

    Manu Fernandes

  • 2.  RE: uvWindows-ANALYZE.SHM -s is always 0

    Posted 7 days ago

    Hi Manu,

    To my knowledge, the Windows version of UniVerse has never accumulated statistics for semaphore collisions and retries. Therefore, the 'smat -s' and 'analyze.shm -s' would always return 0. I do not recall if there was a specific technical reason for the Windows platform behaving differently. But do believe this is long standing behavior. So I don't think you have a configuration or permissions issue.



    Neil Morris
    Universe Advanced Technical Support
    Rocket Software