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  • 1.  Visual Studio 19 call-in project C#

    Posted 01-06-2023 13:33

    I have a simple C# RESTAPI, I would like to call a uniface 9 service  from the C# and get a result status, message etc back in C#

    Is there a complete sample VS19 project available?



    robert Cooper
    Sanderson Multi-channel Solutions Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Visual Studio 19 call-in project C#

    Posted 01-20-2023 03:08


    I have no example for you, however I want to comment on this as I often thought about these things being a bit younger :-).
    Nowadays I just try to avoid to think about Call-in to Uniface.
    I suppose that your question is;
    How to call-in to Uniface from C# and is there a VS19 project available to describe this?

    Somehow I think that you are after an example using the Uniface Call-In API.
    If you want to build a lot of Call-ins to Uniface, have you thought about "Uniface web-services call-in" or "making a restful web-service in Uniface" 
    and call those?

    Quite a lot about this is found searching the web for  "uniface call-in"....

    Roger Wallin
    Abilita Oy