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We want you! Rocket® MVIS 2.1 Beta Launching in January 2024!

  • 1.  We want you! Rocket® MVIS 2.1 Beta Launching in January 2024!

    Posted 01-08-2024 13:49

    We're kicking off the Rocket® MVIS 2.1 Beta later this month, giving you an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the latest and most advanced version of MVIS yet, loaded with groundbreaking features including Open Telemetry. Sign up now!

    Here are a few features you can play with and help us test:

    ·         Support for Open API 3.0: Explore the power of Open API 3.0 with enhanced support in MVIS 2.1. This release ensures compatibility with the latest industry standards, opening doors to new possibilities for your APIs.

    ·         Top-Down and Bottom-Up API Design Patterns: MVIS 2.1 introduces both top-down and bottom-up API design patterns. Developers can now create MVIS APIs either starting from a predefined Open API spec or generate Open API-compliant APIs from MV data and business logic, offering flexibility in your development approach.

    ·         Expanded Vanity URL Capabilities: Building on the success of MVIS 1.3, MVIS 2.1 takes vanity URL capabilities to the next level. Enjoy full support for top-down scenarios, incorporating API definitions based on MVIS extensions to the Open API standard.

    ·         Fully Documented Externalized MVIS Metadata: Achieve seamless import/export scenarios with fully documented externalized MVIS metadata. This feature facilitates integration with source control, DevOps tooling, and popular API ecosystem tools like SwaggerHub, ReadyAPI, Postman, Kong, Apigee, MuleSoft, and more.

    ·         Integrated MV Connect in MVIS: Experience a major shift as MVConnect becomes an integral part of MVIS 2.1. No longer a separate product, MVIS enhances MVConnect's programmatic approach, offering support for JSON data, MV object handling in MV BASIC, Open API integration, OAuth security, and OTel-based observability.

    ·         Open Telemetry Integration: MVIS 2.1 introduces Open Telemetry (OTel) integration, supporting industry-standard observability metrics and traces. This opens possibilities for seamless integration with popular observability tooling like Datadog, Grafana, Prometheus, Zipkin, and more.

    ·         Server-Based Architecture: Benefit from a server-based architecture that streamlines deployment and provides access to MV APIs from multiple MVIS instances, ensuring a more efficient and scalable experience.

    If you're a Rocket UniVerse or Rocket UniData user, please join the Rocket® MVIS 2.1 Beta program. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the final release.

    Hernando Borda
    Product Manager, MultiValue Tools
    Rocket Software