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 SB/XA XAML Style/Theme - How to Make Intuitive Help dialog buttons larger?

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Aaron Glover's profile image
Aaron Glover posted 12-16-2021 22:45

Hello Again fellow SBXA Developers/XAML Extraordinaires!

Can someone please provide some guidance on how to make the buttons in an F3 Intuitive Lookup dialog larger?

Also would be great to know how to alter the spacing between them.




Mark Shannon's profile image
ROCKETEER Mark Shannon
Hello Aaron,

Did you try using /HK.CONTROL > XUI Styles > Selection Buttons?

Enter the name of an existing XAML style to be applied to selection buttons for
intuitive help in the account. If no style is specified here or if the style does not
exist in the user’s currently loaded theme, SB/XA uses the selection button style in

Thanks, Mark.
Aaron Glover's profile image
Aaron Glover
Hi Mark,

Yes I have managed to change the style of the buttons in my custom theme. (Not pictured because I didn't want to confuse people or raise the question that my custom theme/style was the issue)

I suspect the underlying grid control may be limiting the height/width of the buttons. But was hoping to not have to implement a whole new control template but rather, simply override some properties to make them larger.