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 SB/XA Prevent Screen Resize and/or Reset User sizing

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Aaron Glover posted 11-18-2021 04:18
Hi all,

How does one prevent users from resizing screens in SB/XA by dragging the bottom right hand corner of a screen?

Screen sizes can also get messed up if screen resolution is really low.

Note: I'm not talking about zooming.

Also if a user does resize a screen... Is there a way to have it reset back to the original dimensions as was defined when the screen was created in the screen designer?

Some dialogs such as intuitive search dialogs reset by double clicking the bottom R/H corner but this doesn't seem to work for my screens.

Thanks in Advance
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ROCKETEER Stuart MacKenzie Best Answer
Hi Aaron,
I don't believe there is a way to prevent users re-sizing, re-positioning or changing the zoom for a form.
These are features that enable users to have forms open in a consistent manner.

There is a process that will enable users to reset the form position and size to the default.
There are 3 options to do this:

- You are then prompted for parameters - Press F3 for a list of options
- Select F - Saved form position cache

- You will not be prompted as you have already provided the option to clear Saved form position cache

3. You could also create your own process to do this:
Paragraph - CLEAR.FORM.POS

Let me know if you have any questions