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 SB/XA XAML Style/Theme to Hide RESIZE Grip on Forms

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Aaron Glover's profile image
Aaron Glover posted 12-16-2021 21:17
Hi All,

Can anyone provide me with some guidance on how I can change the visibility of the Resize Grip which appears in SB/XA XAML Screens/Forms?

I have played with "Snoop" and have tested that changing the "Visibility" property of the ResizeGrip component to "Hidden" has the desired effect of disabling the ability for users to manually stretch and resize my forms.

I have managed to achieve this on Dialogs using something like below.

<Setter Property="sbc:SBForm.ShowResizeGrip" Value="False" />

But can't manage to hide it on standard forms.

Thanks in Advance

Mark Shannon's profile image
ROCKETEER Mark Shannon
Hello Aaron,

I will open a case for you and seek advice from the engineering team.

Thanks, Mark.
Mark Shannon's profile image
ROCKETEER Mark Shannon
Hello Aaron,

Does this help:


<ResourceDictionary Source="/SBXAWinFxControls;component/Themes/BaseSBFormStyle.xaml" />

<Style TargetType="{x:Type sbc:SBForm}" BasedOn="{StaticResource BaseSBFormStyle}">
<Setter Property="ShowResizeGrip" Value="False" />


Thanks, Mark.