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robert damery posted 11-16-2021 10:39
Hello I am creating an SQL View of Table_One joined to Table_Two joined to Table_Three with the result columns coming from Table_one and Table_three but Table_two has field Procedures for security...none of the columns I am using to join data in 1 to 3...
Originally I just wanted to compile the view in my dev but ALDON said it needed table 2 and 3 in my dev I checked out table 2/3 and created my view in my dev library. But as soon as I tried to promote the view to our ITG environment I get an error
"CMS1422 30 Insufficient data to create Object Table_Two type *FILE in the ITG environment--would have been based on
object FLDPROCPGM type *PGM in library PRODLIB. "
Why does ALDON care about columns not used in the View?
Very Cumbersome!
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Hi Robert, 

Aldon LM(i) will not create an object in the ITG or QUA environments that is based on an object in a different library.  In order to protect against this, Aldon LM(i) creates "phantom" copies of any requisite objects in the library in which the basing object is being created.  It determines what phantoms are necessary by examining the copy of the basing object in the "from" environment.  If this is a PROMOTE operation, then it uses the copy in the next lower environment (Developer or Integration).  If this is a CREATE in place then it looks at the existing object in that environment.   If it is a Create non-resident, then it looks in the next higher environment (QA or production).  If the "authoritative" copy of the object is created incorrectly, or is missing, then Aldon LM(i) will not be able to correctly determine what phantoms to create.

Are Table_One, Table_Two and Table_Three registered in LMi? Which environment are they in? If they are not registered in LMi, you may want to load them into the same release of the SQL view.

Again, this Forum is for information only. For ease of tech support, please open a case in Rocket Community after signing in to 

Best regards,
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robert damery
Thanks Jack,
The 3 tables that the view is using are all in the same Schema in the same ITG environment I have 1 view already bu it is just Table_One without system columns like identity etc. no joining and I just wanted to add another view of Table_One data but with data also from Table_Three and I use Table_Two to join the other 2 tables correctly. And Like I said I was able to get ALDON to create the view in my DEV library by checking out Table_Two and Table_Three however when I promote the view throws that Error "CMS1422 30 Insufficient data to create Object..." and identifies a service program that has Column Functions for security used on Table_Two but a column I am NOT using.
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Robert, please respond to my request via your support case 00802667  so we can research this issue further. Thanks!