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 bash errors post git install

Germanas Samrickis's profile image
Germanas Samrickis posted 08-30-2021 03:44

I have installed git from public anaconda repo and post install I am getting bash: $'\025': command not found.
How this could be  resolved?
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ROCKETEER Vladimir Ein
Hi Germanas,

A couple of questions first:

1. Exactly when does this message appear? Did 'conda install' command complete by that time?

2. Which version of Git is being installed?

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Tom Longfellow
No answer - just additional occurrences in other scenarios.   like 'conda install'  and 'conda deactivate'   
Bottom line for me is that nothing has been able to be installed for months.   I have gotten suggestions from others that have helped get further, but still no install of any of these packages