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 SB Client on a Handheld ?

posted 04-26-2021 08:20

Hi Everyone

We want to make extensive use handheld terminals in our warehouse and Factory for point of activity transaction processing, with a goal to further enhance this and utilise Barcoding to reduce further the amount of manual keying required

As there does not appear to be a version of SB Client that will operate natively on anything other than Windows can anyone suggest a handheld that will provide a screen large enough to accommodate SB Menus and also work with a decent touch screen that is not subject to "fat finger" syndrome

we have be experimenting with Zebra TC520K android handheld with Velocity Android 2.0 TE terminal emulator. (VT100) this uses Telnet as its connection interface to the UV and SB applications however it does not provide easy Access to "F2" and "F3" keys which are used extensively within our current transaction processes

So can anyone recommend a handheld that operates seamlessly with UV and SB applications that provides easy access to "F2" and "F3" functions ??

also does anyone know if SB Client will operate natively on a handheld that is configured with Windows 10 IOT ??

NB I've not been able to find a handheld that offers Windows 10 IOT yet, so it might be  a mute point and I have to accept my only option for point of activity processing will be via Android and Terminal Emulation

All help and suggestions gratefully received

Many thanks


Hi Andrew
We tried various handheld devices running all sorts of o/s but found that there were none that were 100% compatible so we opted for laptops and tablets instead.  We found that we had to use Meraki wi fi as this was the only reliable solution.
David Inquieti

Thanks David,

yes we have a few tablets running SB Client on Win 10 and they are fine its just the  concern of their overall bulkiness and durability and ruggedness to survive the Warehouse guys

Since my 1st post done some more digging and it looks like there were a few Win10 and WIN10 IOT handheld devices put on the market, by the mainstream Hand Held folks Honeywell, Zebra, Motorola and they seem now to have  reversed back to Android. there are a few still out there, but finding something, someone has personal experience and can recommend its combability with SB Client is what i hope to find, before i start spending money hoping to find one that actually works with SB Client

This looks quite good TufTab i60XT Rugged Tablet - TabletKiosk and does have a scanner option, but its in the US and i would ideally like a UK source

There are several no name WIN10 handhleds from China, but again its all about having something that is supportable, which i why i would ideally like a Honeywell, Zebra, Motorola offering

The Zebra ET51  ET51/ET56 Specification Sheet | Zebra looks quite interesting, and has a rugged frame, but might still be sized too big but it also has a huge price ¬£1,300 ($1,800)

What chance we can persuade Rocket to provide us SB Client as a native app on Android ???

Many thanks


PS, we've also gone down the Meraki route for WIFI

SBClient really is a pain on handhelds, have you tried wIntegrate, or even Dynamic Connect which is the free version?  You can get SB+ working on that with a bit of playing around.  Xterm is another one that can fool SB+ into thinking that it's SBClient I do believe.
We have an AccuTerm configuration that works great with AccuTerm Mobile on Android.