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 LMi Exit Programs

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Saidattatreya Padal posted 11-24-2021 18:58
Hi Team, 

We are trying to introduce an exit program every time developers take promote option. We reviewed "Work with  User Exits"  , Exit Function code: PRM with Exit Time code: BA i.e., before any object is processed suits our need. Our exit program needs info about all the sources that developers have selected for  promotion from any given task, and a process will be run in exit program with Go or No Go return code. 

  • How can we get information regarding the sources that are getting promoted in exit programs, any temporary file that can we can access the list ? 
  • Also, do we have a sample template exit program in ACMSLIB ?
Thanks in advance!
   -- Datta
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Hi Datta,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Sample exit programs could be found in source file ACMSUSER/USEREXIT where there is a selection of samples to choose from.
Please ensure that you take a copy and place it outside of LMi. ACMSUSER will be replaced when LMi is next upgraded.

Sample programs ALLEXITCLP (CLP) or ALLEXITRPG (RPG) access a file that contains the list of objects.

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Best regards