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How EOS 360 Helps Collaborators Work from Home

  • 1.  How EOS 360 Helps Collaborators Work from Home

    Posted 09-13-2020 22:08
    Edited by Community Manager 09-13-2020 22:20

    During this period of COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home. This situation brings its load of challenges. How do I access my reports? What about security? Where are the documents I printed?

    Many applications, such as CICS and IMS, print directly to printers in the office, and more than a few office workers rely on the sounds produced by the printer to know when to get the document. Now that a significant portion of the workforce has relocated to home offices, most remote staff do not have access to the document anymore, because their programs automatically sent it to the pre-configured office device.

    Enter EOS 360. EOS 360 provide ready to use solutions such as TCPIP (TCT)and VTAM (VCT) capture tools that allow for the print jobs to be redirected to EOS 360. Once within the EOS environment, end users can access the document in 3270 or even better through the EOS Access web interface. It is also possible to keep the existing print configurations and send the job to the original printer if necessary.

    If already using EOS 360, there are no additional apps to install, just an update to current settings parameters.

    What tips or tricks have you discovered to help your team adapt to the home office environment?

    Martin Floret