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Rocket Sessions at COMMON POWERUp next week

  • 1.  Rocket Sessions at COMMON POWERUp next week

    Posted 09-29-2021 15:26
    Anyone going to COMMON POWERUp next week? Rocket is presenting 5 sessions - see the list below. Would love to see you there.  And if there are other topics you'd like to see from us at COMMON events, let us know.

    Abstract: Holistic DevOps: How to set up your DevOps environment so it's built for success
    Tuesday, October 5 2:45pm CDT
    Speaker: Andy Finley, Principal Sales Engineer
    Your IBM i application is no longer exclusively isolated to IT. It interacts with many distributed systems applications, exchanging data and calling APIs. So development on IBM i shouldn't be isolated either.

     Join this session to learn how to build a DevOps environment that can harmonize development and release processes across platforms using integrations with open-source tools already in your company like Git, Jira, and Jenkins. Learn how to expedite development cycles, integrate teams, and how to retain top talent across your organization.

      Abstract: Managing RPG and non-RPG development simultaneously
      Monday, October 4, 3:30pm CDT
      Speaker: Chris White, Principal Product Manager

      You have a mix of applications on your IBM i. Can you manage both at the same time with the same tools? While managing multiple code development workflows feels daunting, it doesn't have to be. In this session we'll discuss the best practices around managing not just the development and deployment of applications using multiple languages, but also how doing so will help set up a winning strategy for your modernization deployments.

      Using Process Insights to Prioritize Projects and Drive Business Results
      Thursday October 7, 8am CDT
      Speaker: Jeroen van Dun, Principal Product Manager

       Digital transformation is critical for your business to not only survive, but also thrive in a volatile market. Modernization of your IBM i applications is part of that larger strategy. Where do you start? How do you know which modernization project will have the most impact to the business? If you understand the details of operational workflows and processes on those applications, you can make a prioritization decision using hard data, not assumptions. But often businesses struggle to reach that level of visibility. In this session, you will learn how process insights can deliver the actionable insights you need to take the right steps in your modernization journey.

      IBM i Resiliency: How to set up MFA as part of a layered security defense for the IBM i
      Thursday October 7, 8am CDT
      Speaker: Uma Karri-Hughes, Director Software Engineering

      No matter how prepared you believe you are, sometimes a nefarious entity finds its way onto your network. How to you make sure the critical data and applications on the IBM i are still secure? In this session, we'll show you how to set up MFA as part of a layered defense around your IBM i to minimize password vulnerabilities.

      Under the hood of Digital Transformation: IBM i, Microservices, and the API Ecosystem
      Thursday October 7, 9:15am CDT
      Speaker: Charles Jones, Principal Sales Engineer

      Digital transformation is a term you hear so often and is used in so many ways that it's started to feel less like an IT initiative and more like a marketing buzzword. But, IT teams are taking that hype and using it to drive momentum in the business for real modernization projects around the IBM i. In this session, you will learn about digital transformation best practices around microservices and the API ecosystem.



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