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  • 1.  U2 Client UniObjects vs U2 Toolkit for .NET

    Posted 04-14-2019 13:43

    I’m a bit confused as to which to use to create .NET applications.

    I’ve been using U2 Toolkit for .NET (u2.Data.Client.dll) because the documentation includes sections on how to convert from U2.UODOTNET applications.

    When I look at the documentation for UODOTNET (U2Clients_UniObjectsNET), I see it is only a few months older than the U2 Toolkit documentation, and it is much more detailed.

    1. Does the “U2 Toolkit” supercede the “U2 Clients”?
    2. Can I trust that all the U2 Clients documentation describing the UniObjects and how to use them (such as record locking) applies to the U2 Toolkit UniObjects?


  • 2.  RE: U2 Client UniObjects vs U2 Toolkit for .NET

    Posted 04-23-2019 12:57

    U2 Toolkit supersedes old UODOTNET client. All UODOTNET functions will be supported in new U2 Toolkit with native connection. The U2 Toolkit documentation is part of U2 Toolkit (developer or provider) installation. It is not part of U2 clients.