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  • 1.  Could Connectivity Hub be turned into a private App Store?

    Posted 09-19-2020 23:53
    I remember Connectivity Hub (RACH) was part of Rocket Mobile solution where the apps could be uploaded and shared whatever with general users or with company's internal users. Also it had very powerful features like device identification, so in case a device with a sensitive app was lost or stolen, we could disable the app access on that specific device. 

    Now we have MVIS and more mobile apps can be developed to empower company's users but these apps don't need to be published either in Google Play or Apple Store because they are important only for internal use or specific customers.

    So this is the idea, turn Connectivity Hub into a company's private Apps Store where apps could be uploaded, managed and shared with company's users or specific customers. For example, a company could have a variate of apps for different areas and users.

    This is just an idea and it would be good to know other opinions.

    Jaime Luna

  • 2.  RE: Could Connectivity Hub be turned into a private App Store?

    Posted 09-21-2020 15:03

    Hernando Borda
    Product Manager, MultiValue Tools
    Rocket Software