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  • 1.  Using Vanity URLs in MVIS RESTful API end points

    Posted 03-11-2021 13:28
    Edited by Hernando Borda 03-11-2021 13:40
    Creating RESTful end points with vanity URLs (a.k.a. URLs that have descriptive and easily remembered paths/names) in MVIS makes it easier for API users to understand the purpose of an API, and allows the developer to create a naming convention that helps with management of services. In these two videos @Girija Dhole and I show how to do it. Happy to answer your questions on this capability below.

    Anand Mirasdar
    Rocket Software

  • 2.  RE: Using Vanity URLs in MVIS RESTful API end points

    Posted 12-07-2021 17:27
    Question: Is it possible to pass an output value that is a json object without MVIS corrupting the string?

    I have a client that currently uses MVIS for RESTful services.  The back end UniVerse application is responsible for building the response information in a json format.  The output variable types are all of type "json" in the MVIS subroutine mappings.  They would like to use vanity urls to make the urls more clear to the non-MV developers as well as reuse subroutines for multiple functions.

    I created a test subroutine that takes an input string, upcases the string and sends the in and out strings in a json format.  Here's what I get out the service calling the subroutine from MVIS.

          "StringOut": {
              "oldText": "hello there",
              "newText": "HELLO THERE"

    When I run the test using the vanity url I get the following.

          "StringOut": "{\"oldText\": \"hello there\",\"newText\": \"HELLO THERE\"}"

    The endpoints file looks like this.

    - display-name: vanity-connection-test
      method: POST
      path: /test/ping
        mvis-account: nexus
          subroutine: VANITY.TEST
            - name: StringIn
              position: 1
              type: string
              binding: json-path
              json-path: $.StringIn
              param-direction: IN
           - name: StringOut
            position: 2
            type: string
            binding: response-body
            param-direction: OUT

    Is this a limitation of MVIS vanity urls?  

    Steve Murray-Wolf
    Rocket Forum Shared Account

  • 3.  RE: Using Vanity URLs in MVIS RESTful API end points

    Posted 12-09-2021 13:37
    Hi Steve,
    Just wanted to let you know we created engineering ticket MVIS-4395 and we will be looking in to this.

    Stuart MacKenzie
    Rocket Software Inc
    CO US